Collection: Build Your Own Srateliers Necklace: Charms

Select as many charms as your heart desires and we will place them on your selected chain for you! 

Scroll down to shop colorful enamel charms, seasonal accents, and gold beauties. 

Step 1: 

Select your favorite charms. We have a large variety of charms for all styles: sleek and modern, fun and colorful, timeless and classic, and more. There are no rules to mixing and matching! 

Your necklace will be built in the manner that will best display your selected charms. We take charm size, weight, and chain length/style into account when designing your necklace. 

Step 2: 

Choose your chain. We have classic cable chains, chunky paperclip chains, and more options in between! You can even choose how long or short your necklace will be. We will add a toggle to which we will attach your charms!

All of our chains are either gold filled or gold plated!



Thick gold chain with elongated links and a toggle circle in the center.

Step 3: 

Add all of your desired charms and your chain to your cart and check out - we will do the rest! 

Thick gold chain with elongated links with circle toggle in the center. The toggle has three charms: a pink clear gummy bear, a pink smiley face, and a clear ball with pink confetti inside.


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